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Jobs in Greece and the corporations connected to it respect the concerns of any person regarding his/her privacy. Your visitation to the website (hereafter ¨the website ¨) is subject to the terms set forth in the present Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service. The present Privacy Policy comes into effect on the 30/06/2019 and is communicated according to article 12 of the Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR) of the European Parliament and the Council. If you disagree with any term of the present document and do not wish to make use of the services of the website you can delete your account by sending us an email in the address

The legal person that is responsible and sets the purposes for personal data collection and processing is VADASIS AGGELOS-PATOUXAS LAMBROS CO.

TEL. (0030) 2310 437772, (0030) 2310 326664

According to the General Data Protection Regulation of the 14th of April 2016, the current Privacy Policy describes the types of personal data we collect, the way we use them and with whom we share them. Moreover, our Privacy Policy, describes the steps we have taken to protect your personal data, how to exercise your rights and how to contact us.

1.Collection of Personal Data and how they are used

The collection of personal data occurs during your visitation to the website. With the term personal data we mean “any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person whose identity is known or can be ascertained”, like his name, address, email address, telephone number etc. The personal data that we process are provided to us either directly from you on your own accord or are indirectly collected through the website.

1.1 Voluntary provision of Personal Data
You have the ability to provide us with your personal data. Your provision of personal data through the website is by no means mandatory, unless you indicate differently. For the creation of your account the registration of specific personal data is necessary for identification purposes, no more than the absolutely essential for the fulfillment of that specific purpose. The voluntary provision of these personal data is executed through the completion of a square as a positive and fully knowledgeable act of the data subject, and constitutes an explicit sign of consent to the processing according to article 6 par. 1 of the Regulation 679/2016. In the event you opt for not providing  specific data, this can affect your browsing to the website or the services that we can offer you.
• Registration to our curriculum vitae data base: As a seeker of employment you can submit your curriculum vitae and your other personal data to for their publication to the website and their storing in the database we maintain. Personal data that you submit, shall be exclusively used for reason of employment, which include evaluation and contact with you, with the kind of employment you are interested in and your promotion as a candidate to possible employers in mind. 
• Newsletters and Job notification: You have the ability with an affirmative and fully informed consent, by the completion of a square that constitutes an unambiguous indication of your consent, to register to our service in order to receive electronic newsletters, job alerts, and advertising emails from Jobs in Greece and it’s associates. In order to register, we may ask you to provide certain information as your email address and sector of employment that you are interested in. We use the information you provide us with solely to communicate our services. We also use the information you provide to us to adjust our job notifications to your preferences. At any time if you so wish it and at no cost to you, you can unsubscribe form the service by choosing the corresponding option you will find in our email message (“unsubscribe”) and not receive thereafter newsletters, job notification and promotional messages by us. Your erasure from the newsletter  does not lead to the total deletion of your account.
• Recommendations/EvaluationΑ/Remarks: In the website you are offered the chance to evaluate our services. In order for such and evaluation to be published, we will ask you certain personal data such as your name, the designation of your company and your job title. All personal data provided for the above evaluation process can be published on the website. If you do not wish for these personal data to be made public on the web, we implore you to not submit any recommendation/evaluation/remark.
• Questionnaires and Surveys: With assistance from web providers, we may occasionally ask from our website visitors to fill electronic surveys and polls regarding their occupational activities or their interests. Those surveys help us to better  comprehend the interests of our visitors. Jobs in Greece does not process, use, or retain any personal data from accumulated statistical data in regard to your participation to any survey.
• Publication of employment placements: As an employer, you can publish job openings on our website by using the corresponding section. If you wish to utilize our services to hire professionals, we will request some personal data such as your name, phone number, company name, billing address. These personal data shall be used mainly for billing purposes. We may include some of these data in the publication of a job opening. In the event of  posting a job ad and the expression of interest form website users, responsible for the legality of the data processing, according to article 6 of Regulation 679/2016, to which he gained access is exclusively the employer
• Contact us  – Request for Information and Support: If you need any information or support form Jobs in Greece, you can contact us through email or through the corresponding links in the website. The specific personal data that you will have to submit depend upon the information or the kind of support that you require.

1.2. Job Application through our website templates
For certain employment openings you may have to submit your application through a template in a platform of Jobs in Greece. In those case, the employer has asked form Jobs in Greece the ability to collect your application information directly through the website.
Jobs in Greece retains all responses and documents for the exclusive use of the employer. All personal data from your job application are automatically deducted or made anonymous for a reasonable time after the completion of your recruitment. The now anonymous applications and the accumulated statistical data shall be preserved for statistical reasons such as the documentation of the number of application we received. Η κρατά όλες τις απαντήσεις και τα έγγραφα σας για την αποκλειστική χρήση του από  τον Εργοδότη.
Jobs in Greece shall not use the personal data you provided for the filling of your application for purposes other than the provision to the employer of the ability to accept your application or administer your possible hiring.

1.3 Automatic Collection of Personal Data – Cookies and Log files
Similarly with other companies, our company uses cookies and log files  to enhance the provided services and for the better comprehension of it’s use (by you). Log files are server files that are automatically created when a user visits the website. Cookies are small text files which are installed by websites to your computer’s hard drive. Each cookie has a unique code, which is used to identify the computer every time a use visits the website again.
In case you wish to prevent the use of cookies, in the option “Help” in the toolbar of most web browsers  is inscribed how you can prevent the acceptance of cookies how to get notifications each time a new cookie is installed and how to deactivate existing cookies. In case you deactivate cookies, you will still have the capacity to visit the website, but it is possible that some of it’s functions will be limited, as well as the full realization of the websites capabilities.

2. Personal Data we share

We do not sell, trade or disclose in any other way the personal data of the website visitors, with the exception of the cases provided for in the present document. With the provision of your personal data to us through the website, you allow us to use them for the above indicated purposes.
We also have the ability to share your personal data with service providers we cooperate with so that they can execute functions and services on our behalf in the context of purposes of the current Privacy Policy. Those specific service providers are bound by contract to act exclusively by our command and to ensure the protection and security of said data to the desired extent. We do not allow them to use data for their own purposes or transfer them to third parties unless that is necessary for the execution of services or functions for our company or to address to legal demands. For instance the company does not allow service providers to use data for commercial purposes
We retain the ability to disclose your personal data (i) if prescribed by law or regards a judicial judgment, or (ii) when a reasonable request has been made by law enforcement agencies. In the event of sale or partial/total acquisition of the company or any of it’s assets we retain the right to transfer all your personal data that remain in our procession. If the above sale, modification or transfer occurs, we shall attempt to demand form the acquiring party to process the personal data you proved through the website in accordance with the present Privacy Policy. If you do not wish any further processing of your personal data form the acquiring party you will have to come in contact with it.  

2.1 Personal Data in our curriculum vitae database
When you upload your personal data to our curriculum vitae database, you provide us with the right to use them for the purposes described in the terms of service of the curriculum vitae. We have the right to communicate your personal data to possible personnel executives, who will enjoy limited access to our user database, limited only to the user data that have expressed their interest  for the specific position for which  the personnel executive is responsible, in the capacity of data Recipient according to the definition of article 4 par. 9 of Regulation 679/2016. Employers retain access to the user’s curriculum vitae who have expressed their interest in the job advertisement for a reasonable amount of time, which does not exceed 3 years from the day that the advertisement has been posted, beyond which their access is terminated by Jobs in Greece. In case of any question about the data processing from the possible employer and wish to exercise any right as a data subject according to the Regulation 679/2016, please visit their Privacy Policy for more information on their practices. Moreover we have the ability to provide accumulated information (general information of the users of our services) for the efficiency of the website, like the number of visitors, their country of residence, their age, their sex or their linguistic preferences. 

3. Rights and Choices

You have the right to be informed on your personal data and have access to them by using the contact information in the section «Contact» according to article 15 of Regulation 679/2016. Upon a request for access to your data, we will comply with your request as the law demands, and in any case within a month from receiving your request.
In the event that the data that have been collected are false, inaccurate or out of season, we will rectify them within a reasonable amount of time upon your request according to article 16 of Regulation 679/2016.
You also have the right to object to the processing of your personal data by the company at any time for any substantial and legitimate reasons according to article 21 of Regulation 679/2016, or to request the transfer of your data to another data processor (right of data portability) unless otherwise prescribed by law.
If you accept the processing of your personal data, you can at any time withdraw your consent by using the contact information in the section “Contact”, or alternatively by pressing the corresponding link at the end of the current page. If you decide to withdraw your consent, we will engage in the anonymization of your personal data in our database and to the erasure of any reference to your name, with future effectiveness, in accordance with the right to erasure (right to be forgotten) of the data subject, article 17  of Regulation 679/2016, without affecting the legitimacy of the data processing that occurred before the erasure.
In any case the data subject retains the right to submit a complaint to the regulatory authority, Data Protection Authority (Kifisias 1-3, P.C. 11523, Athens, +30 210 6475600,

4. Data Transfers

The company mostly collects, processes and uses your personal data in the context of the European Union. In case of any transfer of your personal data outside the EU or the use of services by providers outside the EU, we will take all necessary measures to ensure the compliance with the applicable legislation for data protection, and in particular the legal demands or adequate protection regarding data transfers outside the EU.

5. Record Retention

The company retains your personal data only for as long as is needed for the fulfilment of the purposes for which the data has been collected (e.g. tax purposes), unless otherwise described in law, and in any case for a period of time no longer than 3 years from the date the account has been created, unless the data subject recertifies his consent to the processing of his personal data and also the validity and accuracy of the information he provided. In case of inactivity, which is proved from the absence of entrance of the data subject to his/her account by using his/her personal codes, for more than 24 months the account and all the stored data of the data subject are erased from the website database.

6. Links to other websites

We provide links to other website, beyond or company, for your own comfort and information. Those websites operate independently, and as long as they do not cooperate with the company, are not under our control. The can probably apply their own privacy policy, which we advise you to consider prior to visiting any link for other websites.

7. Security

We maintain the necessary administrative, technical and material means of protection in order to ensure the security of your personal data from accidental or illegal destruction, incidental loss, unauthorized modification, transmission or access, abuse and any other illegal form of processing of personal data in our possession according to the provisions of Regulation 679/2016.

8. Updates

The company retains the right to change or modify part of the present Policy at any time and with no prior notice to the users. You are asked to regularly check the Policy so that you remain informed for any changes or updates to the Policy. Regardless, in the event of major changes to the Privacy Policy, a notification shall be published in the website homepage and all changes shall come into effect 15 after the notification. Th date after which the Privacy Policy shall take effect will be noted below, as well as which edition has been made public to the website.

9. Contact

If you wish (1) to learn more about your personal data and how we process them, (2) to gain access, rectify, restrict access or erase your personal data, (3) to withdraw your consent, (4) us to stop sending newsletter messages and advertising material and (5) pose any question regarding our privacy practices, the use and transfer of your personal data feel free to contact us by sending email to the following address or alternatively by sending an email to our Data Protection Officer in the following address:

TEL. (0030) 2310 437772, (0030) 2310 326664
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