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Welcome to the website Jobs in Greece (hereafter ¨the website ¨). The website provides services for the registration of job advertisements, career information and the ability to upload your curriculum vitae. Your visitation as well as the use of the website services is subject to the current Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy that the website applies. The current Terms of Service apply to visitors, users in search of employment and employers.

The legal person that is responsible and sets the purposes for personal data collection and processing is VADASIS AGGELOS-PATOUXAS LAMBROS CO.

TEL. (0030) 2310 437772, (0030) 2310 326664

1. Scope, Eligibility and Acceptance of the Terms of Service

We welcome you to read the current Terms of Service with diligence prior to making use of the services of the website. By making use of the website you are deemed to recognize that you have read, fully comprehended and agreed to be fully bound by the current Terms of Service.
You are required to be of an age of at least 18 years old in order to benefit from the services of the website. By making use of the website you guarantee to have reached the minimum mandatory level of age and to possess the necessary rights, the power of disposal and the legal capacity to agree and to be bound by the current Terms of Service. If you do not fit those specific criteria or do not agree in any way with the current Terms of Service you are asked not to use or gain access to the website.

2. Your account

2.1 Creation of your account
By completing the your registration to the website you benefit from all the aspects of the website that regard your employment search and you are provided the option of uploading your curriculum vitae or any other relevant information you deem to be necessary in connection to your employment search. When you complete your registration to the website, you will be required to provide with your free and unburdened consent certain personal data, indicatively your name, nationality, mail address, age, user name and password.
Your Personal Data shall be processed as it is in detail described in the Privacy Policy. In order to complete your registration to the website you will need to pass over to the Registration Form and follow the steps described in the relevant section.

2.2 Update or invalidation of your account
You have the right at any time to update your registration data in the website through the corresponding option in your account. You also have the right at any time to cancel your registration and your account to the website. Upon a request for data erasure, this process occurs automatically and all your relevant personal data are immediately deleted, with future validity, unless we are required to retain them by an explicit legal provision (e.g. tax use). You are notified that your account may yet appear available and active for a certain period of time to our servers or third party servers due to the natures and technical structure of the Internet. 

2.3 Termination of your account
We retain at any time to the right to unilaterally terminate and erase your account with no prior justification. In the event that you have not accessed your account in the website at least once in the previous two years, an automated deletion of your account occurs with your subsequent deletion from the newsletter of the website, without any warning or notification.

3. User content

3.1 CV Data base
The cv data base and the addition of any curriculum vitae can be made only by physical persons who seek career opportunities, new employment opportunities and career information.
The user is rendered exclusively responsible for any content that he submits to the website. User information include any information, personal data, curriculum vitae, text, software, music, sound, photographs, graphics and images, videos, messages or any other category of information which the user transmits, uploads, sends or in any other manner makes accessible to the website.
By submitting on your own accord any user information you consent to the use of this content by Jobs in Greece for employment search, with the exception of personal data for which and explicit consent by the data subject is required prior to any processing. The purpose of employment search includes indicatively, and not exclusively, the acknowledgment of the content to possible employers or personnel selection companies or any other use of the relevant content for finding possible employers that seek potential candidates with the characteristics and the capacities of that the user has submitted on his own accord. For more information regarding the purpose of processing  feel free to address the Privacy Policy. Moreover, by submitting the information in question you acknowledge that (a) you are the holder or in any other form beneficiary of all rights deriving from the user information you have uploaded to the website (b) the user content which you provide does not in any way breach any term of the current Terms of Service (c) the user content which you provide on your own accord is totally true, accurate and complete according to the information and knowledge available to use (d) you absolve Jobs in Greece from any claim or responsibility regarding user content that stems from a mistake or inaccuracy by the user.

3.2 Forbidden acts
You agree not to engage in any activity, assist or encourage other to transmit, upload, post, send email, or in any other way make accessible in the website content that:
• is unlawful, injurious, threatening, abusive, defamatory, inaccurate, invasive to the privacy of another person, or in any way harmful to the interests of third parties.
• is confidential or cannot be disclosed the general public due to the legal or statutory restrictions or  contractual obligations.
• for which you have been reimbursed or have received any benefit from a third party.
• offends any patent, registered trademark, product of intellectual or industrial property, or any other property right for a third party.
• promotes a competitive corporation to the website in any way or connect with the website of a competitor.
• contains any virus or harmful program that targets computer software(trojan/malwareκλπ.), electoral or political campaign, unethical or unlawful advertising, pornographic material, any way of massive email or any kind of spam.
• uses a false email address, falsely depicts a third person or entity, declares falsely or inaccurately or in any other way depict in a deceiving way the connection that he shares with a third person or entity.

3.3 Denouncement of unlawful acts
The website does not actively monitor, condone or control on any way or bear any responsibility for the user content that is transmitted or appears on the website. As a result the website cannot guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of the user content. If you consider that any content or  user information violate the present Terms of Service, you are kindly asked to contact us immediately in order to indicate the content  alleged to be unlawful or harmful by using the website contact information.
If a user informs us that the user content appears not to be in compliance with the present Terms of Service, we retain the absolute and unchecked right to investigate the denouncement and to determine whether action should be taken, or to request the removal of said content, or invalidate the user account. The website bears no responsibility for the execution or inaction of the above acts.

4. Website content

4.1. Registered trademarks, Industrial Property, Patents & products of Intellectual Property or works of the intellect.
All information and content that is available to the website constitute products of the Industrial and Intellectual Property of Jobsingreece and the relevant rights of use of the Providers of said products of the intellect. The website content includes but is not restricted to: the aesthetic and perception that derives from the use of the website, text, images, graphics, optic means, videos, sound messages, sounds, articles, symbols, databases, software of any kind, and any other material or immaterial object that is accessible to the website. The website retains the right to modify, add or delete from the website content at any time and without any prior notification.
The website content as is above described cannot become the object of exploitation, in whole or in part, for any commercial purpose without the explicit, in writing and prior consent of the website. This exploitation includes, but in contained to, the use, reproduction, copy, reinactement, sale, access or any kind of modification. Respectively you do not in any way become a holder of a license or right of commercial use of the website content without the written and prior consent of Jobs in Greece. Any unauthorized or not explicitly stating the consent of the website use of the content is in violation of the property rights of the Intellectual and Industrial Property of the website and the corresponding providers, and can result in legal claims for reimbursement and rectification by the website or the corresponding provides according to law. 

4.2. Limited license to use the website content for strictly personal use
The website provides you with limited, not exclusive, and freely revocable license to use, observe, print or download the website content for your personal use only, or for use by the potential employer for reasons of employment. This limited license does not include commercial exploitation. Specifically this limited license does not include the right to: (a) technical configuration or design of the technical configuration of the website, it’s content or a portion of the website, (b) to modify, apply the method of reverse engineering or the creation of any derivative work based either on the website or it’s content, (c) collect user information or user content for personal gain or for the gain of a third person beyond the purposes of data collection and processing as described, (d) use transmitted or any other of secret text by using the designating elements of the website, registered trademarks or other products of Intellectual or Industrial Property in an another website without the explicit and written consent of the website, (e) use bots, spiders, crawlers or any similar program or software or engage in any conduct that is possible to inflict an unusual or disproportionate burden to our computing systems and company infrastructure.
Any website content cannot be used but according  to the limited license provided in the current section. Any unauthorized or without an explicit consent of the website use of the content leads to the cancellation of this limited license as described above, notwithstanding the legal means and supplements provided for by the established law.

5. Hyperlinks

5.1. Hyperlinks to the website
Any hyperlink to the website is forbidden, unless a written permission for it has been acquired by the website. The website provides toy with a limited, freely revocable and not exclusive right to create a hyperlink to the home page of the website for non commercial use.

5.2. Hyperlinks for other websites
The website offers links to carious other websites, either connected organically and operationally with the company or not. These website may have their own terms of service and privacy policy which may differ substantially with the current Terms. By gaining access to those websites through links provided by the website, you agree to be bound by the terms of use and the privacy policy of each specific website that you gain access to, and the website bears no responsibility for any variation between the current Terms and policies and the equivalent terms of other websites.
The website is not responsible for the accuracy, content or authenticity of the information or content in websites not related to it or for the products and services on offer or sale through those not related websites. The links are not to be taken as approval or support of those not related websites by Jobs in Greece, their information, content, products or services provided by those websites. Those links are provided  solely for the ease of the user. If you decide to access those websites the Website bears no further responsibility.

6. Privacy and Security

6.1. Privacy
Jobsatgreece respects your privacy. The Privacy Policy of the Company provides a complete ciew of the privacy policies that we follow according to the provision of Regulation 679/2016. To see our Privacy Policy, click here.

6.2. Security
You are forbidden to use any device or software that intends to harm or intervene to the proper use of the website or articulately attempts to intercept any system, data or personal information of the website. It is forbidden to engage in any act that submits the system or any other infrastructure of the website to immense or disproportionate burden.
Access and use of sections of the website that are protected through passwords are restricted solely to the use of authorized users. Users not authorized who attempt to access such a section are subject to indictment according to the provision of the Criminal Code.

7. Liability and Guaranties

Although the website is making constant efforts to ensure that the website content is accurate and legal, the accuracy of the content cannot be ensured at the maximum level. As a result the website does not pertain any responsibility or liability for the legitimacy, accuracy, totality or authenticity of any information that is included in the website. Jobs in Greece cannot be deemed responsible for any direct or indirect  liabilities in tort or incidental damages.
Jobs in Greece is responsible solely for instances of intent or grave negligence. Any incident that may result to a legal claim against Jobs in Greece must be  communicated to Jobs in Greece in writing within 15 calendar days from the day that the incident you have been made aware of it, if you become aware of it.
Jobs in Greece retain the right to modify or terminate in it’s entirety the function of the website, or any part or possibility provided in it, without prior notice to you. Jobs in Greece is not held accountable to you or any other third party, if it exercises it’s right to modify or terminate the function of the website or any part or possibility of it.  
The website categorically denies any guarantee regarding: (1) the indefinite operational capacity of the website without any flaws, (2) the rectification of errors, (3) any virus or harmful mechanism. The use of the current website by you is conducted with your own accountability. Any content you download or to which you gain access with any means possible is provided  at your own risk. You are solely responsible for any damage inflicted upon your computer or any data loss in the software or data room storage of your computer which  is a result of the use of the website, including electronic viruses.
The website is not deemed responsible for any delay in the application of any of the terms of the current document or difficulty to apply any part if the present Terms, which may arise as a consequence of a state of emergency beyond the website’s control, including strikes or other labor disputes, lack of funds, fire,act of god, war or any other situation that exceeds the predictability capacity of the usual person.

8. Dispute Resolution

The current Terms of Service shall make sense, be interpreted and applied according to the standing provisions of the laws of the Greek Republic. For any disputes arising from the application of the current Terms, the Courts of Thessaloniki shall enjoy complete jurisdiction.

9. Applicable Provisions

The current Terms shall be superior to any prior agreement, depiction, guarantee or interpretation regarding the website, it’s content and the services provided by it. To the extent that anything within or in the periphery associated with the use of the website collides or  is inconsistent with the current Terms of Service, the current Terms shall hold precedence, and are effected immediately, explicitly excluding any contrary interpretation.
In case that any part or provision of the current Terms of Service is deemed illegal, void non applicable or abusive, said section shall be considered to be distinct and cancelled form the present Terms, and shall in no way affect the validity and application of the remaining provisions of the current Terms.
A possible inability to enact or apply, on behalf of Jobs in Greece, of any provision is not considered to be a waiver from said rights, nor from any future right to enforce those provisions. Waiving, by any party, regarding those terms and provisions does not exclude that party from pursuing the application of those terms and provisions in the future and does not constitute a waiver from any other part or provision of the present Terms.

10. Update of the present terms

The website can modify or alter any part of the present Terms of Service at any time and with no prior notice. Despite that, in case of fundamental changes, notice for these change shall be published in the homepage of Jobs in Greece and shall come into effect 15 days after their publication to the website. You are asked to look back on those terms at regular intervals so that you are fully informed for any change or updates. Continuous use of the services of the website constitutes an acceptance of possible changes.  

11. Contact
If you wish (1) to learn more about your personal data and how we process them, (2) to gain access, rectify, restrict access or erase your personal data, (3) to withdraw your consent, (4) us to stop sending newsletter messages and advertising material and (5) pose any question regarding our privacy practices, the use and transfer of your personal data feel free to contact us by sending email to the following address or alternatively by sending an email to our Data Protection Officer in the following address:

TEL. (0030) 2310 437772, (0030) 2310 326664

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