Best Remote Jobs and Careers

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27/10/2021 17:36:00

Recently, due to the advancement of technology and the internet, there has been an increasing interest in remote job opportunities and careers. Due to its appealing flexibility to employees and the low cost to employers, the demand and supply of remote jobs has been high. Do you want to explore the globe and still have a constant earning stream? Are you always on the move and are tired of the regular job change? Do you need to change jobs because of an ill family member? Or do you find the conventional work-life challenging? Many scenarios come into play for remote jobs to become an option. It is a great option to have.

The Covid-19 experience has shifted the world's view on how business, transactions, and even relationships should be. Due to the outbreak, many professionals had to work remotely. It has led to the development of many remote jobs across a diverse spectrum of industries. However, even with the interest in remote jobs, peculiar jobs and careers are best suited for remote work than others. A remote job requires the things you use every day like a strong Wi-Fi or internet connection, electronic gadgets like your PC, smartphone, and your creativity. Careers that have defined, expected results have excellent remote job avenues, because superiors can determine your progress.


Customer support service
Customer support personnel are the ones that directly deal with clients of the company. They help clients clear their doubts and provide valid solutions to their problems. Support personnel are helpful and friendly since they are the first representatives of the firm, business, or company.
The 24/7 demand for support reps which cuts across all time zones and, the channels used for communication like chat, email, calls make it a great choice. As online support personnel, you can choose a support job with a time zone that suits you. Some people are best active during the day, while others are nighthawks. Hence, the choice of a Time zone is a nice perk. This job is great for people who want to communicate with others but still enjoy their solitude. You should have great interpersonal, communication, and listening skills and a penchant for offering reasonable solutions.

Sales personnel
Every service or product-providing company has a designated team of sales personnel. Sales personnel connect to their clients, form good relationships with them, and help them solve their problems. Conventional sales operations are conducted physically, but they can also be done virtually.
Companies that value physical sales meetings, need sales associates to be closer to prospects in a particular location. However, they do not want to open new offices for reasons best known to them, so, they utilize remote sales personnel. A career in sales doesn't require a degree, you just need to be focused, goal-oriented, and have great selling skills. Sales can be concluded via calls, chats, video calls, or physical meetings with the client outside the classic office meetings.

Many writers have a remote writing career. The demand for writing services is high across all industries. Content marketing, Copywriting, branded content, SEO writing, social media, and more have good writing opportunities, also the traditional journalistic and editorial roles are great choices. Writers may have to communicate with others at the start of a project or during editing, but the writing job involves solitude.
It gives you a very flexible schedule because you can write anywhere and at any time. Writers are rated based on the quality of their work. Hence, they need to have amazing writing and organizational skills, be disciplined to meet deadlines, and have interpersonal skills to communicate with clients. Full-time remote writing jobs are accessible but free Lance writing gives more flexibility.

Marketing involves revenue increase through brand awareness and influencers. Businesses now prioritize online marketing plans, so there's a demand for marketers. Businesses want to scale revenue growth without added cost, so the services of remote marketing personnel are welcomed.
You can start a marketing career as a generalist, where you determine the marketing strategy of growing companies with small budgets. You are in charge of multiple projects from brand development to public relations. Specialists have created a niche for themselves and only work in one area of marketing like paid advertisements, social media management, and more. They work for larger firms with sizeable budgets and a defined strategy. Marketers need excellent analytical, creative, and communication skills.

Graphics design
Just like writing, designers are needed in diverse industries and execute the bulk of their work alone. They design logos, software applications, book covers, and lots more. A designer only needs a Mac or PC, a good internet connection, strong digital skills, and creativity to attractively present the ideas of others. Good interpersonal skills, communication, and organizational skills are needed especially while working with a team. This is a job that can be done anywhere and always has demand. Working remotely with a team or as a freelancer has its perks.

Software engineering
Software engineers are the brains behind our websites and applications, software engineers and designers are top professionals that companies prefer to work with remotely. Software engineers work with developers and designers but have their freedom. This setup is ideal for them because it reduces distractions common in the workplace.
There is an increasing need for excellent software engineers, hence companies prefer to look beyond their geographic location. Software engineering can be learned on your own, but you will need to have technical expertise, interpersonal and communication skills, and be disciplined.

Online business owner
Owning an online business can be tasking, but it's rewarding when you see the result of what you are building. A business gives you a lot of flexibility, but also requires your dedication, hard work, experience, time, and certain skills. A business owner must be independent, resourceful, goal-oriented, adaptable, develop great interpersonal, marketing, and sales skills. Always define the product or service you are offering, so you can be focused. A successful online business is a blend of expertise, skills, consistency, and dedication, so your service or product is based on your expertise and interest.

Your job at hand
Have you tried speaking to your employer about working remotely? Chances are if you performed well, your employer will want to retain you. Getting a new employee is more expensive than retaining old ones. Due to the Covid-19 experience, most companies are open to employees working remotely. Businesses are result-oriented and are concerned about your ability to perform your tasks remotely as you would in the workplace. Once you have proven yourself, there will be minimal conflict.
However, if you still consider leaving your job, propose and negotiate a more flexible work schedule with your employer. Also, check if there is an internal job in your company that you can do remotely. It's difficult to get a new job, so try all your options before leaving your workplace.
The jobs listed above are a few of the jobs and careers that can be done remotely. Note that most jobs stated above do not need a degree; however, professional jobs can also be done remotely. Online nurses, virtual pharmacists, and teachers have opportunities to work remotely. Regardless of experience, expertise, or background, there is something available for you.