Choose a job that suits your personality

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04/04/2022 11:42:00
Most people in the world are employed in some job or another, yet you’d be surprised how few of those people are actually passionate about what they are doing. Now, you might think to yourself - but what’s the point of passion?
Why does it matter whether or not you like what you’re doing, when it’s paying the bills, and putting food on the table? Well, yeah, that’s true in a sense, but the 21st century has seen a gradual shift from working for money towards working for pleasure, and maybe it’s time you jumped on that bandwagon.
Why do people choose their jobs?
Look around you, at the people you know. How many of them are employed in fields they are actually passionate about, and how many went into a particular trade because they were pressured by others?
An astonishing amount of people go into jobs because they pay well, or they crave the respect that job will get them, or maybe their parents had their heart set on them becoming doctors.
However, one thing these people have in common is they’re not doing what they’re doing out of passion. But why should they?
What are the benefits of choosing a job you actually like?
Well, you know how when you buy something expensive, or when you get a tattoo, people say think carefully, because you’re going to have this for a long time? Well, it’s pretty much the same with your job. When you choose your job, it’s important not to let the above aspects sway you too much, because you may be stuck in this job for a very long time, sometimes even for the rest of your life - so you don’t want to choose something you don’t enjoy doing.
1. Working in a field you love will automatically make you a better employee.
Studies have actually shown that working a job you like will improve your performance as an employee. And if you think about it, it’s a bit of a no-brainer. Of course you’re going to be better at doing a job you like, than doing something you hate.
When you choose the job you like, one that fits your personality and character traits, it’s going to fit you well, and it will mean better customer interactions, closer compatibility with your coworkers, and so on.
Have you ever been in a store, for example, and were struck by how good the clerk was at helping you? How they seemed to actually be passionate about what they’re doing? Now, we’ll bet you didn’t walk out of that store empty-handed, or that you at least returned to that store, or recommended it to a friend.
Now put yourself into the employer’s shoes. That’s a good employee, right there. Not only will your proclivity towards the domain help you get more sales, it will also increase customer satisfaction about your brand.
2. You will be more satisfied.
The number one reason why you need to get a job you actually like is that you’re going to come home at the end of the day feeling better. Job satisfaction is a subject that more and more employers are now focusing on, since after all, the more satisfied and happy the employee is, the more the business will thrive.
So this is actually something that recruiters look for, in interviews. Sure, they want to make sure you have the necessary qualifications, and diplomas, and everything, but they also care about finding someone who is a good fit for their brand. And that someone needs to enjoy this line of work, otherwise, they’re not going to score high on job satisfaction, and that can be a problem.
3. You need to take advantage of natural strengths.
Choosing a job that is tailored to your personality takes into account the various strengths and weaknesses that your character has. In turn, this makes you stronger at your job.
It’s said that we all have our unique sets of skills and weaknesses, and it stands to reason that you’d want to take advantage of those when choosing your line of work. For instance, if you are a good communicator and have a naturally persuasive speech, then you may be very good in a sales department of some kind. When you pick your perfect job, try to take these strengths and weaknesses into account, for everyone’s sake.
How do you choose the right job for you?
Right, so we’ve talked quite a bit about why you should choose a job that’s tailored to your preferences, but how do you choose that? 
The answer is, trust in your personality. Of course, in order to do this, you will need to do a fair bit of introspection, and take the necessary time to understand and appreciate what your personality type is like, and where that might benefit you most. 
For instance, figure out your strengths and weaknesses, and try to see how you can put these to your advantage, in picking out your next job. Look for the things you are naturally passionate about, and try to see if there aren’t jobs you might pursue in that particular field.
Take into account cultural background. The place you come from, culturally, can also have an important effect on your job search. For instance, your cultural inclinations can make you a really good fit for some jobs, but maybe not others. And if you want to make sure that you choose a job that suits you well, you should also take that into account before deciding which line of work you want to go in. 
Rid yourself of preconceived notions. The truth is, our parents and our society has passed down to us a lot of ideas about which jobs are good and preferably, and which aren’t. But as you look for the perfect job, try to forget all you know about it, and just follow your heart. It’s going to lead you on the right path.