Top 10 most demanded professions

Career Advice

28/09/2020 15:03:00

You might be wondering what kind of professions are selling nowadays. These professions are in high demand in various places worldwide.

Here is a list of top 10 professions in high demand.

1. Software developer
In our world today, various technologies have surfaced. The computer is one of the most widely used technologies, and its uses continue to broaden. As such, software engineers and developers are highly demanded to build various software. Currently, software engineers are the most demanded professionals in the world. The job requires excellent skill and expertise.

2. Engineers
When we talk about technology and its recent advancement, engineers are wanted everywhere; in homes, schools, business buildings, companies - too many to mention. From civil engineers to electronics engineer, mechanical engineers, and so on. They are all needed to build machines, repair machines, make constructions and manufacturers appliances.

3. Nurses
The truth is that people get sick every day. They require nurses to take care of them. Many countries in the world need nurses. Nurses are known for long hours at work and unsociable shit routine. This may be the cause of less number of nurses out there.

4. Doctors and medical practitioners
When people get sick, they need a doctor. Since people get sick every day, doctors are never too many to save lives. In fact, more doctors are required all over the world. From developing to developed countries, doctors there are still pretty much spaces for doctors and medical practitioners.

5. Accountant
An accountant performs various financial functions. These functions can include collection, accuracy, recording, analysis and presentation of a business, organization or company's financial operations. Sometimes, when dealing with a smaller firm, an accountant may be assigned for financial data collection, entry and report generation. There are lots of organizations in the world today who need these services, especially in Europe, South America, and Asia.

6. Psychologist
For many countries who value good lifestyle and mental health, psychologists are in high demand. Denmark, Sweden, Norway and other Scandinavians are in need of psychologists. Countries like Australia and Chile also have increased demand for psychologists.

7. Sales executives
As much as a sales executive job seems like an excellent job with a decent salary, there are not enough employees to fill the spaces. All across Europe, Japan, and Canada, sales executives are needed in various companies and business organizations.

8. Welders
Welding is a very technical job. Although welding commands good earnings, for some time now, the welding industry has not been able to get enough interested students who want to take welding as their profession. Welders are still highly demanded all across Europe, Canada and Australia.

9. Surveyors
Countries such as the UK, Belgium, Canada, all have a high demand for surveyors. The US also lacks an adequate number of skilled surveyors. These shortages must have been due to the lack of skilled workers in the construction industry. As much as the demand for this profession has increased, the earnings are satisfactory.

10. Chefs
People eat every day, and they want to ear good food. Although there are many famous chefs, they aren't enough. Europe and Australia still have a pretty high demand for chefs. If you have culinary dreams or skills, don't relent; there are a lot of opportunities out there.

In conclusion, since you've read about some of the top professions in demand, you could decide to work towards any of them. It is actually less likely that to don't find employment in any of these professions.