Work from Home - Advantages and Disadvantages

Career Advice

21/09/2020 13:20:00

It's no new thing that working from home has become popular, especially during this period of a pandemic.
But is working from home more productive than working from the office? The answer to this question depends on the kind of working environment in the office and home. Generally, there are specific pros and cons of working at home.
If you are between working from home and working from the office, here are some advantages and disadvantages you might want to consider.


Flexible work schedule
Being flexible with your schedule means you can decide the hours you want to work can determine the working environment; you don't have to hang up calls, you don't have to go for a break at a specific time. You choose when to take lunch can decide to take breaks anytime, and having a comfortable environment makes you more productive.

Closer to family
Working away from home reduces the amount of quality time you spend with your family. As parents, it can be appeasing to know that you can be available for your children and your partner. Also, since you're available at home, you would expect fewer calls from your children and partner to distract you from working.

Less distraction
When you work from home, they are no coworkers to disturb you with files, meetings, talks, and so you can concentrate on work.

Save money
Working from home will help you save costs in different ways. You won't have to fuel your car, spend a lower price on repair continually, you can make your coffee and launch at home rather than buying lunch all the time. You won't have to keep purchasing professional clothes; you can wear your singlet, shorts, and other casual dresses.


For those who are used to working in an environment with bosses, coworkers, friends, and face-to-face with clients, working from home can be a form of isolation, you can quickly get bored with work, and that can cause depression and reduce your productivity.

You might be overworking
Since there might not be a specific closing hour, and there's no fear for heavy traffic that might be working more hours because you feel you have the whole day to work. Eventually, you might discover that you're using much more than you should or that you do at work this can make you get exhausted easily

While working from home reduces office distractions, you can easily get distracted at home by children, neighbors, and friends. Especially when you're living around people you're used to, they may find it challenging to recognize and adapt to the fact that you are working from, and you need less distraction to focus. Parents with little kids will often have to settle disputes and keep an eye on them. All these can be a source of distractions which might reduce productivity

Encourage laziness and low efficiency
While working from home, you feel there's no control over the period you spend working, and you have a flexible schedule. You decide when to work!  You don't want to miss the TV shows, movies, football matches, and sports. When you keep adjusting your schedule and shifting work hours, you'll find out that you may not be as productive as you should.

In conclusion, working from home has its benefits and flaws. It takes determination, self-control, and discipline to work efficiently and increase productivity. When you weigh the pros and cons, you can then decide whether working from home will make you more efficient and productive