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14/04/2022 13:51:00
Every new year is about celebrating the old, but also the new, and for some of you, 2022 might bring about a change of scenery, and what better place for working and living than fascinating Greece? With its combination of mystifying ruins, and its vibrant diverse culture, Greece is revered by many as the birthplace of democracy, and as such, the beginning of all Western civilization.
That being said, what’s it like staying there? While the culture and architecture might appeal for a week-long holiday, it might not be enough to convince you to move there for good. 
And since such decisions should always be considered with great care, we thought we’d give you a quick list of pros and cons to help you decide.
Pro: You get to choose from a lot of accommodation options.
One huge benefit of choosing to live and work in Greece is the wide range of rentals available. Now, naturally, this will depend on the specific part of Greece you choose to live in. But generally, you can choose from a lot of different types of rental, such as apartments, villas, and even farmhouses, when you get closer to the countryside.
Greece is a country that provides its residents with a lot of say in the type of home they inhabit - whether it’s an apartment block, or a detached cottage, you can decide on the amount of privacy you want.
Con: As a major tourist attraction, some parts of Greece can get expensive.
Now, to be fair, this is true in every country, but it’s worth keeping in mind that the tourist areas of cities like Athens can get quite pricey, both in terms of accommodation, as well as other costs, like utilities or even groceries.
However, as long as you choose a part of Greece that isn’t overly tourist-y, you can probably get yourself quite a good deal.
Pro: Greece is pretty affordable, also.
Ironic, right? But as it turns out, as long as you steer clear of tourist venues that cost you big money, Greece is actually quite affordable in terms of living costs. In fact, it’s preferable to live in Greece than in other parts of Western Europe, since Greece is one of the more decently priced countries you can choose from.
As in many other countries, it really depends a lot on your financial management skills. If you like to spend lavishly, Greece is probably not the place for you, but as long as you’re mostly interested in basic expenses, like groceries, transport, and utilities, Greece is quite preferable. 
Con: The language can make things difficult.
You probably already guessed this, but Greek can be a difficult language to assimilate, unlike other languages, for instance Spanish, that may be more familiar even to non-speakers.
Because of the language barrier, some expats living in Greece report it’s quite difficult to get around, or to make friends with the locals, since not all will be proficient in English. So that being said, if you intend on living in Greece, we suggest trying to learn the language, at least on a semi-conversational level, as this will make your life in Greek society a whole lot easier. It will also improve your job opportunities! 
Pro: Greeks are usually pretty friendly.
Depending on whom you ask, every country has its pros and cons, and some peoples are famed as cold and unfriendly, while others are known as overall jolly and easy to get along with. Luckily for you, Greeks find themselves in the latter category. 
Generally, Greeks are very warm, welcoming people by nature, and they will take to expats quite quickly, welcoming them into their way of life, as long as the expat wants to make friends, also. 
So one major advantage about living in Greece, as opposed to other countries, is that you will not be without friends for long, and as all expats know, that’s one of the major barriers when it comes to living in another country.
Con: Getting a job might be a hassle.
This is why we generally advise people to move to Greece with a position in mind, already, as this will make life there much easier, for a range of reasons, financially, but also socially.
The unemployment rate in Greece is currently quite high, and Greek business owners prefer hiring an EU expat, rather than someone from outside of the EU, since that is more difficult, in terms of bureaucracy. Also, again, keep in mind that speaking the language will help a lot in trying to find a job in Greece - so we seriously suggest you get on that.
Pro: You’ll find good hospitals in Greece.
Another big aspect to consider when deciding to relocate to a new place is what their healthcare system is like. You may easily find yourself in a position where you need to use it, so best to make sure you’re in good hands, right?
Thankfully, the Greek healthcare system is well-known for its high standard of care, and for the intense training of hospital staff.
Pro: Greece is pretty laid back.
One aspect that a lot of expats praise about Greece is that it has a generally laid back, and relaxed atmosphere. The rhythm of life here is generally slow, and permissive, meaning that Greece is the ideal destination for you, particularly if you’re coming away from a stressful lifestyle.
Bottom Line
All in all, we’d say the pros of living in Greece far outweigh the cons - and you’ll notice we didn’t even mention the culture or glorious architecture! What more could one possibly want?
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