Top Recruiters and Recruitment Agencies in Greece

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12/10/2020 12:32:00

Anyone who’s been in the workforce (regardless if for a day or for years) will probably agree with this next statement: finding a good job is hard. And we’re using that term mildly. Often, it can be downright impossible, in between perfecting your CV, keeping an eye out for the hottest openings, and checking your phone 20 times a day to see if you got called back.

That being said, wouldn’t you like having someone to do this stuff for you? Well, we’ve got good news, ‘cause that’s what a job recruiter does, essentially.

Think of a job recruiter as a middleman. Sometimes, companies employ recruiters to find them the best potential candidates for a job, while other times, recruiters work directly with the potential employee to prepare them for interviews, arrange their CV, etc.

Below, you’ll find the most successful recruiters and recruitment agencies in Greece:

  1. Randstad – Offices in Athens and Thessaloniki - Official Website
  2. Adecco – Offices in Athens and Thessaloniki -  Official Website
  3. ManpowerGroup – Offices in Athens and Thessaloniki - Official Website
  4. ICAP – Offices in Athens and Thessaloniki - Official Website
  5. LMW – Offices in Athens - Official Website
  6. Optimal HR Group – Offices in Athens - Official Website
  7. – Career Portal – One of the most popular Job Portals in Greece –

So why should you use a recruiter to find you a job?

1. They’ve been through the process many times

In other words, a job recruiter can answer pretty much any question you might have about looking for the perfect job, preparing yourself for the interview, and accepting an offer. Recruiters know this process inside and out, and they’ve seen it both from the perspective of the employer as well as yours. This has given them extra insight into what a job negotiation should look like.

2. They want to get you hired

Think about it. The more candidates they successfully help find a job (or alternatively, the more companies they help to fill positions), the more they increase their income. Recruiters got paid by companies for helping them find the best candidates for their open positions.

3. They know where to look

These people have been doing this for years. You’ve looked on one measly job board and think you’re on the same level? Think again. Recruiters know what websites to check that you may not have access to or might simply not think about. What’s more, some recruiters even get notified by so-and-so company when they have a job opening, which can get you better job opportunities.

4. They do the scouting for you, basically

Let’s be honest, looking for the right job can take hours. Days. weeks. And you very likely don’t have time for that, which is why you might want to hire a job recruiter to assess your strong points and use their experience in the field to match you with the right position for those skills.

5. They give you an edge

In the hunt for the perfect job, you’ll need as many allies as you can get. A job recruiter who has been in the field for a few years knows by now all the right people, and if the recruiter is recommending you for a position, that already gives you more weight. Employers are more likely to trust recommendations from people they know and respect.

All in all, a job recruiter can make the process easier for you, not to mention get you hired a lot faster!