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11/01/2021 11:04:00

Thessaloniki is among the most affordable cities in Europe, with a lower than average cost of living, especially after the crisis.

This city is the starting point for visiting the splendid Halkidiki Peninsula, a coastal area full of charm with beautiful beaches and picturesque corners, as well as being a boarding point to reach the unspoiled Sporades Islands.

The city of Thessaloniki it’s not only an attractive city from an economic point of view (check out Jobs in Thessaloniki), but is also considered a place that has a lot to offer thanks to the port. Tourism, trade and finance: the city of Thessaloniki extends along the coast of Greece. Thessaloniki represents a city with a lot of history and culture.

With its monuments and churches, it is able to offer a good dose of history and art to all fans. The most famous and well-known monument of the city is the White Tower, which, originally, in the fifteenth century, was built as a defensive tower.

Curiosity for those who decide to move to Thessaloniki

Surely the culture and economy of the city are valid reasons for deciding to put down roots in this beautiful city.
In addition to the historical and artistic beauties, Thessaloniki can boast the natural beauty of the sea it overlooks.

Despite Thessaloniki, it does not have city beaches, not being a seaside resort, it still has a respectable seafront, and, in any case, just move a little to visit the Greek beaches.

Is Thessaloniki trendy? Why?

In fact, precisely because the city of Thessaloniki is still quite unknown, especially by Italian tourists, it manages to offer a good dose of culture. This, thanks to its numerous museums and ancient ruins. At the same time, manages to attract those young people who go to the constant search for entertainment, thanks to its thriving nightlife and numerous shopping districts, at a fairly low price.

And it is precisely for these reasons that, in recent years, there has been a fair flow of foreigners, who decide to take root in the second Greek city. Let's see together the top 10 reasons why living in Thessaloniki turns out to be a trend that is becoming popular among many foreigners.

It is a city of art and attracts many tourists and workers for this very reason. There are numerous museums that reside in the Greek city of Thessaloniki, although, it should be emphasized that it will never be as good as Athens, as regards the quantity and prestige of its museums.

Despite this substantial difference between Thessaloniki and the Greek capital, the city can still boast of a good dose of art and culture.

Is Thessaloniki suitable for university students?

As previously mentioned, one of the reasons that can push a young person to live in Thessaloniki is his university life.

Indeed, in Thessaloniki, we find the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, which has more than 70 thousand students and is the largest Hellenic academic institution in Greece, since 1925.

Is Thessaloniki a cheap city?

The economy of a smart city like Thessaloniki can be seen in the countless possibilities it offers to those who want to relocate.

The first reason that leads many people to choose as a half of vacation, but also as a city to live all year round, is certainly its cheapness.

In fact, following the crisis that hit it in previous years, the city was forced to lower its standard of living. The city invested in tourism and consequently attracted new citizens who can contribute to the growth of economy of the second largest city in Greece.

Thessaloniki is a destination for digital nomads because of the very high quality of life offered. The second reason for living in Thessaloniki is the possibility of investing your capital, previously accumulated, in a business in the city centre, which is an attraction for tourists, but also for students from different universities.

How is the nightlife in Thessaloniki?

The element that certainly acts as an attraction for young people, especially university ones, is the nightlife of the city.
Thessaloniki is a real metropolis of the Greek "nightlife", which starts with an aperitif on the city's waterfront, continues with an excellent dinner and ends with tenants in the suburb of Kalamaria.

Bonus reason to visit and move to the beautiful city?

The last reason, which could lead many of you to consider Thessaloniki as half of your life, is that it is a city well connected with the rest of Europe. In fact, from many European cities, direct flights frequently depart for Thessaloniki. 

Nowadays you have to look for the place to live and try to reconcile the beauty of the city with its economy, and, Thessaloniki represents an ideal combination of entertainment and relatively low standard of living.

Some advice for travelers! The main places of interest in Thessaloniki

1. The White Tower
Let's start this travel guide on Thessaloniki from the White Tower, the most iconic monument in the city.

Considered the landmark of the city, the White Tower is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Thessaloniki.

Built in 1535, the tower was originally surrounded by heavy walls, as this was used as a prison during the Ottoman occupation in Greece. Here, many prisoners were tortured and executed, and the Tower acquired its nickname: "The Blood Tower", or "The Red Tower".

2. The Thessaloniki waterfront
If you are spending a few days in the city, then you should definitely take a stroll along the seafront. It is one of the best things to do on a trip to Thessaloniki.

Here, you can stroll for 5 km along the promenade. This walk was completely renovated a few years ago and connects the Museum of Photography, the White Tower and the Concert Hall of Thessaloniki.

3. The Archaeological Sites
If you are a lover of history and archeology, then we recommend that you visit the most famous ancient sites of Thessaloniki:

• The Ancient Agora: the ancient social and religious center of the city during the Greek and Roman period.

• The Arch of Galerius, also called "Kamara". It was built in 305 AD. to celebrate a victory over the Persians. The only remains still standing are 2 original pillars and an arch, decorated with battle scenes.

4. The Museums of Thessaloniki
What to visit in Thessaloniki? Let's continue this tourist guide with a bit of cultural tourism.

  • The city has several museums, and this is a list of the best:
  • The Archaeological Museum which showcases a collection of remains found around Thessaloniki and in Greek Macedonia
  • The Museum of Byzantine Culture which houses more than 3000 artifacts, jewels and mosaics dating back to the Byzantine Empire
  • The Jewish Museum: Here, you will learn more about Thessaloniki's Jewish community and its history, especially during the Second World War.

5. Ano Poli: the historic center of Thessaloniki
During your trip to Thessaloniki, you should really take a walk in the old town.
Located in the upper part of Thessaloniki, the Ano Poli district is considered the historical centre.
A great fire destroyed much of the city in 1917 and Ano poli was the only neighborhood that survived!

6. The markets of Thessaloniki
Are you spending a few days of vacation in Thessaloniki and want to buy some of the best local products?

In this case, you should definitely visit the Modiano and Kapani markets! The 2 largest markets in Thessaloniki are both located near Ermou Street, next to each other.

Here you will find the best local products of the city: olives, spices, herbs, traditional Greek cheeses and even meat or fish. It is also the perfect place to have lunch, as there are plenty of typical Greek taverns.

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