Greek Hotel Industry - Top Reasons to work

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20/10/2020 09:40:00

In Greece, as well as pretty much everywhere in the world, the hotel industry is one of the most bustling job sectors. It holds a wide range of opportunities to youths just taking their first steps in the workforce, as well as experienced workers, looking for a change of scenery.

So in the article below, we set out to discover why so many people are choosing to work in the Greek hotel industry (and why you might want to do the same!).

1. Neverending job opportunities
In the hotel industry, the sky is the limit. That means that when you decide to take on this industry, you’re not narrowing down your potential professional pathways, as you would in other industries. A hotel needs people from many varied areas of experience, from event planning to food and food-related operations, and from management positions to front-of-the-house jobs (such as concierge or night manager).
Naturally, these opportunities will also depend, to a certain extent, on your existing experience, your qualifications, and so on, but the hotel industry is a great choice for someone at the beginning of the road, simply because it opens up so many doors!

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2. Room to grow
As in any industry, there is a job hierarchy within the hotel industry, one that is clearly defined, and that holds many positions. In other words, once you get hired in the hotel industry, there’s no way to go but up, and with enough effort, you can climb the job ladder and come to occupy one of the top positions in the business.

3. You’re safe here
The hotel industry is considered one of the safest on the job market today. There have always been hotels, in some form or another, and there always will be. Even with the recent Covid-19 outbreak, which caused tourism to dwindle a little, hotels are still very much an industry of the future. As long as humanity keeps developing new methods of travel (or just organizing events that you simply can’t miss!) people will travel, and they will turn to a hotel to rest their weary head in the evening.

4. You meet people
And we mean a lot of people. Regardless if you’re dealing with guests on a daily basis or if you’re merely interacting with the other hotel employees, a job in the hotel industry is one of the best for meeting new people.
And hey, if you thrive in an exciting, alert atmosphere, then the hotel industry is definitely for you because there’s always something going on here.

5. You get goodies
We can’t talk about the perks of being in the hotel industry without at least mentioning all the unexpected benefits you get. If you work anywhere in the industry, chances are your job will come with some sweet perks, namely discounts in partner hotels, restaurants, and other businesses. The bigger the hotel you work for, the better the perks, of course, but even a 10% discount on hotel rooms is nothing to sneeze at!

So is the hotel industry for you? If you like meeting people and want to keep as many doors open while also moving forth with your career, then definitely!